Garmin GT21-TH

Garmin GT21-TH


Perfect for coastal and offshore fishermen who want traditional sonar and CHIRP ClearV├╝ scanning sonar with a stainless steel stem, this thru-hull mount transducer consistently displays clear and crisp fish arches with superior target separation as well as clear definition of structure below the boat.

The CHIRP ClearV├╝ element has a power rating of 500 W and operating frequencies of 260/455 kHz. The traditional sonar has a power rating of 600 W and operating frequencies of 50/200 kHz. It includes a built-in fast-response temperature sensor. For hull deadrises less than 25 degrees.

GT21-TH includes an 8-pin transducer with stainless steel stem, fairing block, isolation plate and bushings, mounting hardware and installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.

  • Garmin GT21-TH

Product Details:

FrequencyTraditional 50/200; ClearV├╝ CHIRP 260 kHz (245-275 kHz) & 455 kHz (445-465 kHz)
PowerTraditional 600 W; ClearV├╝ 500 W
BeamwidthTraditional (40/10); ClearV├╝ (2.0 @ 260 kHz) & (1.4 @ 455 kHz)
Maximum depthTraditional: 1,500 ft.; ClearV├╝: 1,000 ft.
Depth/Speed/TemperatureDepth and Temperature
Number of pins8-pin
Cable length30 ft.
Supported deadrise/Transom anglesUp to 25┬░ deadrise

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